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Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

  • Used for massage, helps to relax
  • Supports a healthy appearance of skin and hair
  • Raises the mood and has a calming effect

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Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil

Cananga odorata | 15ml


Description and General Characteristics of the Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Pureo doTERRA Essential Oil:

  • Used for massage, helps to relax
  • Supports a healthy appearance of skin and hair
  • Raises the mood and has a calming effect

In Lithuanian, it is a fragrant kananga – an evergreen tree that grows up to 20 meters in height, with fluffy leaves and blooms with beautiful yellowish flowers with an enchanting smell.
doTERRA Ylang Ylang oil is grown and distilled on the North West Coast of the island of Madagascar, which is called Nosy Be. The fragrant canoe tree grows even for three or four years and only after that its flowers are suitable for obtaining quality oil.

The smell is very sweet, even heavy, so it is most often mixed with other essential oils so that they weaken the intensity of the sweet smell.

Since ancient times, Ylang Ylang oil has been considered an oil of sensuality and sexuality, it used to breathe and breathe in the beds of newlyweds, and until 1900 this oil was called “jasmine of the poor”, which you would not say now, because high-quality and pure oil is not cheap.

This oil has a calming effect on the nervous system, acts as an aphrodisiac, regulates adrenaline levels, helps to relieve tension, gives cheerfulness, eliminates negative emotions – anger, fear and helps to recover from a shock or panic attack.

  • Ylang Ylang helps when breathing becomes faster or you feel stressed, but it is very important not to multiply it and consume it in moderation, otherwise it is possible to get a reverse reaction.
  • This oil has a positive effect on the reproductive system and regulates hormone levels, favorably affects all types of skin, stimulates the scalp and strengthens hair.
  • Rejuvenates the skin, can help balance hormones and perfectly nourishes dry hair, strengthens it and stimulates the scalp.

Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Tyro doTERRA Essential Oil Emotional Effects:

  • It helps to let go of long-standing emotional traumas, frees from anger and fear, makes a person feel youthful and playful, as if he frees a small and cheerful child in each of us.
  • This oil especially helps sad people who feel depressed and as if they have no right to be cheerful and enjoy life. The process is long, but very useful – Ylang Ylang is like food for our heart!
  • This oil has a great influence on the heart, not only in a physical , but also in a spiritual way. It is called the oil of the inner child and helps to let go of emotional trauma experienced in childhood, which depresses, interferes with the life of a full-fledged adult and a responsible person, affects relationships and blocks feelings of joy, playfulness, looseness, intuitiveness and interferes with emotional connections with people around him.
  • This oil helps to let go of these negative emotions – stress, sadness, excessive analysis and the desire to regulate everything, the inability to enjoy life and putting oneself in some kind of convoluted frame.


More information about the doTERRA of fragrant kanangs (YLANG YLANG) you will find the essential oil in the video below.

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Fragrant Kanangs (YLANG YLANG) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml