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Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

  • Reduces skin imperfections and rejuvenates the skin
  • Helps to relax and gives emotional balance
  • Soothes the skin

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Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil

Boswellia carterii, frereana, sacra | 15ml


Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil Description, Uses and General Properties:

  • Popular and special essential oil

Frankincense boswellia essential oil is extracted from the boswellia tree and is used in aromatherapy. In the bark of this tree, incisions are made with which the juice of the whitish plant flows, which, reacting with the air, turn into a hard resin in a few weeks.

This tree resin, or in other words resin, is distilled, thereby extracting the essential oil of Frankincense. Its smell is bright, somewhat similar to the resinous aroma familiar to us and is considered one of the most luxurious fragrances in the world. Because in ancient times, boswellian resins were burned on altars and in temples, as they slow down and deepen breathing, which calms down and creates conditions for praying and meditating.

  • Fights negative emotions and raises the mood

The name Frankincense comes from the French term “franc encens”, which means “high-quality incense” so we can assume that this earthly smell fights negative emotions and helps to calm down.

At the beginning, we mentioned that this scent was used in ancient times, in temples, as a helper to calm down and plunge into deep meditation. Just a few droplets in the diffuser, the environment will be enveloped by calmness and wash away all the negative energies that linger in the room. A drop in the bath will relax the muscles, as well as the soul. You will feel calm and rested.

  • Part of skin care

Perhaps the most valuable of all the ancient oils, the boswellia essential oil is very versatile and has a number of useful properties.

By mixing essential oil with base oils such as coconut or olive, you will have a great remedy for wrinkles and skin aging. Frankincense essential oil goes well with citrus essential oils such as bergamot, lemon and orange. If you prefer richer scents, mix with essential oils of cedar, sandalwood and myrrh. And to get gentle, feminine scents: ylang ylang, rose, and lavender essential oils.

This oil, which smells of ancient wood, resin, nature and religion, is still relevant today. In a modern world with so many synthetic products, goods of uncertain composition and unexplored chemistry, turn to nature, rely on the goodies it offers. You are a child of nature.

National Geographic had published an article that talked about why Boswellia’s trees were in danger, which also mentions doTERRA, which extracts Francincence oil in an ethical way to conserve this wealth.


More information about boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) doTERRA essential oil you will find in the video below.

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Boswellia (FRANKINCENSE) Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml