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WILD ORANGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

WILD ORANGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

  • An excellent cleansing agent
  • Refreshes the skin
  • Relieves muscle aches
  • Sweet mood-enhancing aroma

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WILD ORANGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil

Citrus sinensis | 15ml


WILD ORANGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil Description:

The essential oil of wild oranges, squeezed from the peels in the cold, emits an energy-giving citrus aroma that does not leave anyone indifferent and brings faith and optimism to our daily routine that everything will be fine. It simply and easily lifts a subjugated mood, relieves stress and dispels fears and tensions.

Wild Orange Pure doTERRA Essential Oil is used in all 3 ways.

  • Orange oil can help relieve stomach upset caused by stresses and nervous environments
  • Can be drunk with water, used for cooking
  • Tones up the skin
  • There is a powerful cleaner – a spray with water for cleaning surfaces
  • Calms nerves, raises mood, dispels gloomy thoughts
  • Perfect for children with constipation or slow digestion
  • Relieves muscle aches
  • Useful for pedantic people


More information about wild orange (WILD ORANGE) doTERRA you will find the essential oil in the video below.

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WILD ORANGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml