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CLARY SAGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

CLARY SAGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml

  • Sage essential oil is the main ingredient of Clary Calm, a doTERRA clarifying blend
  • Helps to relax and prepare for a quiet night’s rest
  • Supports a healthy appearance of hair and scalp

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CLARY SAGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil

Salvia sclarea | 15ml


CLARY SAGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil General Properties and Description:

Clary sage, fragrant sage essential oil is called the oil of youth and beauty because it has natural phytoestrogens capable of naturally regulating estrogen levels in the body and helping to maintain the health of female organs.

This oil has a positive effect on the health of not only women, but also men, and also has other beneficial properties.

  • Relieves unpleasant symptoms of PMS ( swelling, moods), has a positive effect on hormonal activity, promotes the correct menstrual cycle, relieves the symptoms of menopause, relieves hot flashes, regulates moods.
  • Helps with insomnia, the causes of which are stress or hormonal changes.
  • Gives clarity, motivation and self-confidence.
  • Eliminates extraneous thoughts, opens the soul to new opportunities and experiences, stimulates creativity.
  • The components contained in Clary Sage affect the throat and speech center in the brain. Helps people not only to unleash their voice, but also to people who are trying to say something, but cannot find the right words.
  • Stops hair loss, gives them strength, tone, elasticity, stimulates hair growth.
  • Useful for fast-greasy hair and scaly scalp.
  • Useful for acne-prone skin with small wounds.
  • Smoothes, tones the skin, suitable for dry skin.


More information about doTERRA CLARY SAGE essential oil you will find in the video below.

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CLARY SAGE Pure doTERRA Essential Oil 15ml