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Set doTERRA together kit with 12 Different doTERRA Essential Oils and doTERRA Laluz Diffuser

Set doTERRA together kit with 12 Different doTERRA Essential Oils and doTERRA Laluz Diffuser


  • 12 Different doTERRA Essential Oil and Essential Oil Blends
  • Includes a doTERRA Laluz diffuser
  • doTERRA Essentials Book
  • In the set you will find a wooden box with an engraved doTERRA logo for placing oils

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Set doTERRA Together Kit with doTERRA Laluz Diffuser


Rinkinys doTERRA Together Kit
doTERRA together Kit is designed to help people unite using the power of nature. Share the wonderful gifts of Mother Nature’s essential oils that will help create a better atmosphere. In this set you will find everything you need to turn any professional, public or public room into an aromatic oasis. You can also become one of the first to try only the new doterra Laluz™ Diffuser included in this set.

Create and spread the atmosphere of your choice using the doTERRA together Kit.

Set doTERRA Together Kit Consists of:

  1. 12 Different doTERRA essential oil and essential oil blends.
  2. The set includes a doTERRA Laluz diffuser.
  3. doTERRA Essentials Book.
  4. In the set you will find a wooden box with an engraved doTERRA logo for placing oils. In an amazing reusable box,you’ll find simple cards for the blends you’re offering, featuring interesting oil combinations that will inspire you and the people around you.

doTERRA Together Kit Kit Consists of the following Essential Oils of 15ml:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • On Guard™
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon (LEMONGRASS)
  • Wild Orange
  • Green Mandarin
  • Citrus Bliss™
  • doTERRA Adaptiv™
  • doTERRA Balance™

doTERRA Together Kit Kit Consists of This Essential Oil 5ml:

  • doTERRA Motivate™


doTERRA Laluz Diffuser

This sculptural-shaped diffuser emits ultrasonic vibrations that turn water and essential oils into an aromatic mist. The diffuser works for up to eight hours, so you can spread your favorite essential oils throughout the day or night, and it also has three ambient light settings to suit any of your moods.

In addition, thanks to its elegant, modern design, it will certainly complement the aesthetics of any room in your home.

  • Turn it on in the living room and spread citrus Bliss® inviting, energizing smell.
  • Use in the bathroom with doTERRA On Guard® to make the air fresher and purer.
  • Place it on the bedside table and spread the scent of Serenity, or lavender and cedar wood, before going to bed to rest and calm down.

doTERRA Laluz Diffuser Specifications and Features:

  • Water capacity: 120 ml / 4.06 fluid ounces
  • Proposed room size: 30 square meters. m.
  • Continuous operation: High smoke performance – up to 4 hours, low fog performance – up to 8 hours
  • Timer: 1 hour. / 2 hours. / 4 hours
  • Dark and bright warm and lavender lighting
  • Automatic protective shutdown
  • Accessories: AC 100-240V wall plug and instruction manual
  • Power: DC24V 0.5A
  • Substance: Material: Glass top cover + polypropylene

Watch the video about the doTERRA Laluz diffuser.


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